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  • Bionic BugzBionic BugzBattle your way through the bionic enemy bugz.

  • The Florist GameThe Florist GameCollect all good flowers and avoid the bad flowers.

  • Smiley MatchSmiley MatchSmiley Match is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • Mud Thing FlipperMud Thing FlipperSteer the flippers and keep the ball in motion for as long as you can!
  • KOL Extreme Sporting SnowboardingKOL Extreme Sporting Snowboarding Hit as many jumps and rails as you can before you reach the bottom of the KOL freestyle.
  • TrechTrech 3D-shooting at its best! In this 3D shooter you control a giant robot.
  • DarkmeltDarkmelt Clear the ice by running and jumping. Once enough ice is removed, capture a flag to proceed to next level!
  • Dexters Laser LabDexters Laser Lab Help Dexter zap all dee dee's balloon by using his laser beam.
  • AirDrop GuideAirDrop Guideyour parachutist through a hell of challenging obstacles!

  • Ronin SolitaireRonin SolitaireYour goal here is to rearrange and put the cards in ascending order and card colors must be alternated. If you get stuck, you can re-shuffle the deck but only 3 times.

  • Helena Carter Dress UpHelena Carter Dress UpAn American film actress in the 1940s and 1950s.

    Carter was born Helen Rickerts in New York City, and her family was of Scottish descent. She first studied at Columbia University, studying for a teaching degree. During this period she worked as a fashion model, which led to her becoming a cover girl. She was offered a film acting contract by producer Leonard Goldstein, which led to a brief acting career. Her first film role was Time Out of Mind in 1947, which starred Ella Raines, Eddie Albert, and Phyllis Calvert. From 1947 to 1953 she would appear in thirteen films, during which time she also worked as a model. In 1948 she appeared on the cover of Life Magazine.

  • ZnaxZnaxclick 4 tiles of same color and form squares as big as you can you will erase all the tiles inside the square and collect points.
  • Tummy TroubleTummy TroubleThe objective of the game is to find the key card hidden on each level. Use the key card to access each levels control room.

  • Dump Truck 2Dump Truck 2 Tighten up your speed and balance skills in this thrilling sequel to the gravity puzzler super smash dump truck game.
  • Perfect HairstylePerfect HairstyleThere are three levels and each level contains three steps in the game. You should all do the best hairstyles for them. You should get the highest score as soon as possible at every level.

  • Air DogAir DogSummer's over and it's almost time to get to the snow filled mountains!
  • Epic Boss FighterEpic Boss FighterTen evil bosses are invading our world. Stand against them, top down shooter style !
  • Smoothie QuizSmoothie QuizTry not to drool when you discover your super-sweet smoothie treat!
  • Sexy Girl Dress Up 2Sexy Girl Dress Up 2Dress her nice and sexy.

  • Tribal Olympics 2Tribal Olympics 2Hit the skull as far as possible as you bat it just right to make it bounce over and over again.

  • Hollie Hobby and FriendsHollie Hobby and Friends Help Holly Hobbie and her friends run their lemonade stand by completing 3 levels of fun. Earn a coloring page for each level you complete. Get points and complete tasks to unlock items to decorate your coloring pages
  • Penalty Game EK 2008Penalty Game EK 2008Adjust your angle and power and kick that soccer ball into the goal.

  • Marilyn Monroe DressUpMarilyn Monroe DressUp Groom Marilyn Monroe for her beauty to reach its full potential.
  • Hamsterz SuperstarzHamsterz Superstarz Lead the hamster through each level to get into an exit pipe.
  • Santa SnowboardsSanta SnowboardsYou have to make Santa Claus reaches the farther away possible mounted onto his Snowboard.

  • Elisha Cuthbert Make UpElisha Cuthbert Make UpThis stunningly beautiful blondie from Canada is no stranger to success. After hosting a famous Canadian kids show, she went to Hollywood in search for fame and glory and impressed everyone with her nice looks and acting skills. Now Elisha Cuthbert is one of the most sought-for young actresses at Hollywood and a favorite cover model for glossy magazines. Use these professional make up tools in order to obtain a flawless make up and get her ready for the movie sets. Have fun!

  • 70s Fashion70s Fashion Try how groovy and retro 70s is.
  • VIP AnarchyVIP AnarchyFree online driving game from Have you bought an expensive and powerful car? Now don\’t be shy – crush other\’s cars, explode the burning barrels. The most important is not to turn upside-down otherwise you will have to pass the level from the beginning. While goings thru the levels collect the stars and try to get into the Top10. And please do not use such style of driving in the real life! There are excellent physical simulation and graphic design in the game.
  • Cavern HuntersCavern HuntersMove your 3 characters to step on buttons to allow each of them to pass. Only one needs to exit.

  • Dwarfs HomeDwarfs Home Deep in the green forest you can find the little homes of dwarfs, where they live in their cute mushroom houses. Can you help them to find the right furniture to decorate the house? I'm sure you can make the home of this dwarf family very beautiful. So beautiful that you would like to go and live... Deep in the green forest you can find the little homes of dwarfs, where they live in their cute mushroom houses. Can you help them to find the right furniture to decorate the house? I'm sure you can make the home of this dwarf family very beautiful. So beautiful that you would like to go and live there yourself. This game also has a save button. If you save your game, you can continue play next time.
  • Duck TilesDuck TilesBath time was never so puzzling...
  • Cockroaches Battle RoyaleCockroaches Battle Royale Avoid all cockroaches!
  • Nathalie Kelley MakeoverNathalie Kelley MakeoverA Peruvian-born Australian actress, most notable for playing Neela in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

  • Bake Shop GamesperkBake Shop GamesperkAn addictive little puzzle game especially if you're hungry! Swap the different cakes. Switch the cakes around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
  • Go SheepGo SheepA new type of match 3 puzzle game, your aim is to line up 3 or more sheep of the same color to make them disappear. Moving the sheep to anywhere you feel fit to place them by mouse dragging and dropping. When you gather up 4 or more sheep, a powerful black sheep is created. Match this one up with 2 or more and it will blow up even more sheep in a variety of ways. In later levels you will also encounter locked sheep, which you cannot move, but match this one up with 2 or more and you will unlock it.
  • Turkey ShootingTurkey ShootingAim and shoot turkey for them to be ready for dinner.

  • Jungle SquaresJungle SquaresThrough planning and strategy, you can achieve harmonious order…
  • Funny QuestFunny QuestYour goal is to put all the keys into the lock but you can only push the key.

  • Balty vs RaawooBalty vs RaawooGo feed the fish under the sea.

  • 1812 Overature1812 OveraturePlay with, possibly the coolest, and most manly musical instrument ever invented--The Cannon!

  • Dragon Sword: The Survival BattleDragon Sword: The Survival BattleCan you survive against all the odds of multiple sets of fighters. Get slicing and dicing!

  • OldskoolOldskoolDrive your classic racing car as fast as possible and try to reach the first place in a 3 lap race by passing the other competitors.

  • South Park:Hippie DrillSouth Park:Hippie DrillGet your to the Middle of the stage but avoid hitting any hippies.

  • Friends ForeverFriends Forever Match all the pieces to see what these two friends want to say to each other.