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  • Trick or TreatTrick or TreatGrab the candy from the houses, but watch out for other kids that will take your candy.

  • Mobile WeaponMobile WeaponPilot your Mobile Adaptive Weapon into combat equip weaponry and armor, and augment your MAW

  • Raptek Vol 1 ArenaRaptek Vol 1 Arena Choose your figher, adjust his points to fit your play style. Fight all the enemies.
  • School CafeteriaSchool CafeteriaPress the number appropriately to serve the required food items to children before time ends. Use keyboard number pad to choose the food item on the list of food item.

  • Makeover A TeacherMakeover A TeacherChange your boring teacher into the glamorous talk of the town.

  • GobstopperGobstopper Gobstopper is a fun and easy game with a simple goal: Eat smaller stuff to help you grow really really fat! Look our for the enemies though who will spoil the party! There are 3 different gameplay modes so be sure to try them all!
  • Jump GirlJump GirlJump for as fast as you can before the flood gets higher and higher.

  • Pretty Princess BedroomPretty Princess BedroomGemma's family moves to a beautiful place. Pretty girl Gemma is busy with decorating her bedroom. She is very happy because she can choose her favorite furniture. First, select pretty wall paper. Cute bed, pretty table and chair, sweet lamps and nice window curtains, design a perfect and original princess bedroom!
  • Cool ManicureCool ManicurePractice your manicuring skill by choosing different nail styles. There are different lovely combinations possible.

  • Tankman SurvivalTankman SurvivalControl your tank in top-down action. Survive as you upgrade your tank and take out baddies.
  • Sea ElementsSea ElementsSlide and create groups of 3 or more similar sea icons to amke them disappear. Clear all gold backs.

  • Clear SkiesClear Skies Gun down the enemy aircrafts as you fly around from one dogfights to another.
  • Wone 2Wone 2Race over the walls and collect all the items to activate the exit.
  • Full Closet Doll MakerFull Closet Doll MakerFull closet doll maker is the best dress up game. Dressing up the doll and her make up and pick the best hairstyles in this full closet doll maker game.

  • Five DiceFive DiceClear out these dice, poker style!
  • Ready To AwakeReady To AwakeReady to awake is a unique dress up game with puzzles. You can save your characters and print them. This contains awesome pixel art.
  • Christmas MeetingsChristmas MeetingsMove the Christmas characters around to make groups of 5 or more. Keep clearing spots fast!
  • Reach the Goal RacerReach the Goal RacerReach the goal first in order to pass to the next tracks.
  • Moving MazeMoving MazeGet to the other side of the maze and avoid foreign objects!
  • Dress Up ButtercupDress Up Buttercuphelp Buttercup choose a nice outfit.

  • Zorro TankZorro TankEvil scientist Karbafos with his war machines capture the city Alhadar! Legendary Zorro Tank has only one day to kill all the machines and release the city citizens from terror!

  • Battle Pool - OnlineBattle Pool - OnlineBattle it out in this fast paced online multiplayer game of Pool!

    Get your rank higher and higher by winning Battles and grow your rank to the top!

    Play Battle Pool against other players online in real time. When you win you earn points that progressively increase your rank. Can you make it to General and beyond?!

  • Aqua BubbleAqua BubbleShoot the colored balls at the falling balls to make the balls of the same color disappear.

  • Prison ArcadePrison ArcadeGrab coins as you work your way to the exit as you dodge prison guards and dogs.

  • Bug WaveBug WaveThis is a sophisticated tower defense game located in a neat environment with forces of nature in your hands. Control the
    Bugs! Use the building modules of the flower. Place these
    elemental towers on the ground to prevent bugs from reaching
    the right and bottom side of the arena.

  • Piano BarPiano BarIf you can tickle the keys, you'll tickle the fancy of the beauty at the bar. Hit the key shown on the note as it passes between the bars. Fill the heart by performing well. Your heart needs to be at least half full to be asked to play another song.

  • The Flirt QuizThe Flirt QuizSweet, sultry, or shy? Find your flirting style!
  • Pink Dollhouse Decorati...Pink Dollhouse Decorati...Arrange the pink dollhouse any way you like.
  • Breakdown RPG EditionBreakdown RPG EditionA breakout-style-space-rpg. Travel through space collecting gold, upgrades and special items.

  • Mementos of ClosenessMementos of ClosenessComplete your trip around the world with a full array of toiletries!
  • Dino RunDino RunEscape the wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary!
  • AachooAachoo Try to find a vaccine for the swine flu.
  • Pure and Clear BeautyPure and Clear BeautyShe has all the good looks. Now she needs a fashion makeover to further enhance her beauty. Enjoy!

  • Big BillBig BillYou are the legendary Sheriff Big Bill who must fight to defend his town from gang ruthless cowboys. Aim carefully but shoot quickly or they will shoot you.

  • Witch or Fairy Dress upWitch or Fairy Dress upWitch or Fairy Dress up: Decide yourself to be a With or Fairy :D. Try out all costumes, then find out which one fit you best ^^
  • Pauline Dress UpPauline Dress UpPauline is getting ready for work and needs an office-friendly look that works with her funky style.

  • Peppy's Kate Moss Dress UpPeppy's Kate Moss Dress UpGet this suburban chic all dress up for her movie premieres.

  • Spirit GuideSpirit Guide Trapped inside a haunted house, hundreds of lonely souls are doomed to spend their afterlife wandering this forsaken place for all eternity.

    It is up to you to lead these wandering souls away from this desolate place. They\’ll have to brave many dangers along the way, so they will follow your commands blindly to reach the end of the level.

    Get as much of the lost souls to the end of each level as you can.
  • Pair Them ScoobyPair Them Scooby This entertaining and enchanting search. Make Scooby collect all the bones within the boundaries.
  • 2007 Sexy Halloween Costumes2007 Sexy Halloween CostumesAll of the hottest sexy Halloween costumes.Dress up like celebrities this Halloween!

  • Remia BBQ-AcademyRemia BBQ-AcademyHelp Remia earn some points by selling barbecue!

  • Dice WarsDice WarsSimilar to the popular board game: Risk. Conquer all territories.

  • Face MakerFace MakerCustomize and make your own face, nose, eyes, mouth, eyebrow and such. Change the color output and print.

  • Murphy's Holiday LawsMurphy's Holiday LawsMurphy's fun adventure in the beach. point and click for different adventures.