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2011 Games

  • Room Makeover 2Room Makeover 2Use your mouse and click on your favorite furniture pieces to decorate your room exactly as your heart desires. Decorate the room with the given beds, chairs, tables and accessories!

  • Tinkerbell's Emerald JewelsTinkerbell's Emerald JewelsTinkerbell Emerald Jewel game: Using wand, click on 2 adjacent jewels to make a set of 3 or 4. When the jewel color and shape are the same, you can make a set of 3 or 4.
  • Adventurous EricAdventurous EricIt'll take a steady hand to follow Eric through his animated adventures!
  • Fairly OddParents: Guts 'n' Glory!Fairly OddParents: Guts 'n' Glory!Wanda was swalled by Pappy, and now she's stuck in his incredibly gross digestive system! Cosmo can't seem to wish her out, so it's up to Timmy to go microscopic and rescue her!

  • Embrioni In FugaEmbrioni In FugaGet all the blobs to travel to the right spots and prevent them from dying.

  • death on the niledeath on the nile Hercule Poirot investigates a thrilling murder mystery and must find hidden clues, interrogate suspects, and much more in Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile. Uncover clues and evidence directly tied to the story. When you have enough evidence, question the passengers in the salong and discover the identity of the real murderer!
  • Super Wiggi BallSuper Wiggi Ball Jump up with different moves and hit the balls that are shot out at you.
  • Bike Mania 5Bike Mania 5Bike Mania series is back again. Drive across a landscape with different objects standing in your path. This time it is all about military vehicles and obstacles.

  • My Xmas RoomMy Xmas RoomGet into the holiday spirit in this special edition of your favorite room-decorating game! Click on the catalogue to the right to choose your items. Click the arrows in the upper-right corner to choose a location: would you rather have a beach house, penthouse, or an underwater house? Change music styles by clicking on the jukebox or stereo. Paint your items and walls your favorite colors with the Brush and Wallpaper buttons. Click the buttons at the bottom to rotate furniture, delete items, or print your room.

  • Pig ItPig It Use your truck to run over some pigs.
  • Everything for HalloweenEverything for HalloweenWould you like to have a happy Halloween next time? Come here to get ready.

  • FloobyFlooby Pick up all the blue crystals to activate your way out and reach to the next level.
  • Galactic DefenderGalactic DefenderGalactic Defender is a RTS/Tower defence game with turrets that can be moved and a scrolling map. Six different starships, two special weapon to unlock, three different maps, two difficulty levels and 36 waves in this frenetic space game! use mouse to select/place/move startships!
  • Guard Nail HouseholdGuard Nail HouseholdSummon your family members to defend their property against the relocation team, Each family member has a special attack. - PAPA fires with a rifle: Single target high damage - BABA throws Motolov Cocktails: Multiple targets low damage - MAMA tosses her slippers: Single target medium damage - COCO tosses dumb bells: Single target high damage plus snare and low attack speed to surrounding enemies. - DIDI fires with a crossbow: High attack speed single target low damage. - JIJI throws firecrackers: Large radius area effect medium damage. 5 upgrades avaiable for each unique character. The 7th wave will be an inexhaustible wave relocation terror.
  • 3 Tile3 TileConnect 3 tiles to clear them, clear all the tiles to complete the level. This is a challenging puzzle that makes event the greatest minds think.
  • Kitty Tea PartyKitty Tea PartyYou've seen dogs play poker, but did you know that kitties throw tea parties? Don't leave your kettles and tea pots out or these mischievous little kittens will brew up a pot of Earl Grey! But if you're worried they'll spill, why not set up a tea set with fruit and scones to munch on while you're away?
  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez KissingJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez KissingJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kissing: Dear, do you remember images of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught making a date and kissing on beautiful beach in this summer? How do you feel if you have a chance to dress them up for a beach vacation ? And then, surely you will be the first paparazzi who can capture fully their romantic kiss.
  • Quake 3 ForeverQuake 3 Forever Awesome remake of the PC game Quake Arena!
  • OceanaOceanaShe's got kitty and puppy ears! This silly girl loves to dress up.

  • Tribal OlympicsTribal OlympicsHit the skull just right so that you launch it into the air as far as possible.

  • Cooking SpaghettiCooking SpaghettiHere is a new tasty recipe for you! Prepare the ingredients and vegetables to cook a delicious Spaghetti.

  • Pyon HeroPyon Hero Jump'n'run games can be so simple when your only action is to jump. Collect blue and dodge red blocks!
  • Cherry BombCherry BombAnother Tetris game, Arrange the falling boxes so that they form a line. You will earn extra points from lines contain colored boxes. Watch out for Firecrackers, Rockets and Cherry Bombs. Firecrackers blow up boxes all around them. Rockets blow up all boxes in a row. You can capture Cherry Bombs when they are in a row that is removed.

  • Sniper on HighSniper on HighSnipe the hiding stick figure as many times as possible.

  • Mario Tetris 3Mario Tetris 3Play Tetris with Mario blocks.

  • Crazy Kimono Doll AssaultCrazy Kimono Doll AssaultRotate the camera around and fire at the dolls with knives using your hand gun.

  • Coffee Shop dress upCoffee Shop dress up coffee shop is a nice place to be fashionable.
  • Driver's EdDriver's EdPractice your driving skills with Ed the driving instructor and try to pass the exam.
  • Orbit RunnerOrbit Runner Move the position of the sun to create an orbit for the planets so that they don't crash! Difficult Game.
  • Best Interior DesignBest Interior DesignHelp the girl to choose the decoration for her room.

  • Formal DinnerFormal DinnerYou and your boyfriend have been invited to a special dinner. You need to dress up so you fit in with this elegant affair!

  • 3D Taxi3D Taxi

    Be a taxi driver in 21st century! This is more than a game, more than a simulation. A world of busy people, a town of fantasy, a career that involve more than driving skills, drifts and car control. Finding as many customers as you can and bringing them to their destination is the only way to survive here. Start driving the best taxi car you can find and enjoy the adventure! Drive safety and be there for as many customers as possible!

  • Dracojan Skies Mission 3Dracojan Skies Mission 3 New mission! Dare to fly again!
  • Voodoo Chronicles - The First SignVoodoo Chronicles - The First SignFind the differences and solve puzzles in this nice looking game. Few game genres mixed together.
  • Hold Them BackHold Them BackAfter years of battle you are the last that remains, the enemy is at your door. The battle has raged long and hard for years and at this desperate time you must take a stand. The enemy is depleted, without ammunition they apply bayonets and attack your position... Hold Them Back!

  • Super Natural Devils GateSuper Natural Devils Gate Shoot all those Devil's gate symbol.
  • Putter NutterPutter NutterHelp your golf player in putting all the balls accurately in the hole before time runs out to score maximum points. To clear a level, you need to be very accurate, so adjust the power and direction wisely to avoid wastage of time. Also hit the living creatures during the game to get bonus points.

  • My Perfume SalonMy Perfume SalonServe up scents that'll sweep your customers off their feet!
  • Super MarcoSuper MarcoMario meets Metal Slug! This is one of the best Mario/Metal Slug game ever as Marco invades the Mario land. Prepare to meet some cool characters also.

  • Chinese ChessChinese ChessEnjoying playing chess with China-style pawns.
  • Rose McGowan Dress UpRose McGowan Dress Up Rose McGowan has carved out a nice for herself in Hollywood as an offbeat wild-child actress -- attracting the likes of Marilyn Manson and Robert Rodriguez in the process.
  • FarmxonFarmxon Help this farmer plant his entire field, so that he can pass to the next level. There are chicks walking around everywere, that he should avoid. Be careful, because when they cross your line before you reach the safe planted area, you'll lose a life. The following items can help you when you walk... Help this farmer plant his entire field, so that he can pass to the next level. There are chicks walking around everywere, that he should avoid. Be careful, because when they cross your line before you reach the safe planted area, you'll lose a life. The following items can help you when you walk over hem: a pumpkin, that slows down the chickens, a tractor, that increases your speed, and an icicle that temporarily freezes the chicks. The '1 up' is worth an extra life.
  • Concerned JoeConcerned JoeMeet Joe. Joe is concerned about his health, because if Joe stops moving, Joe will die.
  • Super PlayboySuper PlayboyYou thought it was super to step out on your supergirlfriend, and now you're super-stranded in super-trouble!